Junior Prospect Development Program


Junior Prospects Development Program

Open House -Free Orientation – 2016 Dates

Friday, December 2 – CBE & Catholic School PD Day

  • Midget: 8:00 am- 12:30 pm – Father David Bauer / Absolute Sports Academy
  • Bantam: 12:00 pm – 4:15 pm – Father David Bauer / Absolute Sports Academy

Orientation Program Includes:

  • Breakfast (Midget) – Lunch (Bantam)
  • Program Presentation
  • NHL Video Workshop
  • Ice Session
  • Fitness Training

To Register for the Junior Prospects Orientation – Click Here

Junior Prospects Program FAQ: We had amazing feedback from the first Open House Event, with many questions from players and parents. FAQ Information PowerPoint & Video that will answer many questions about the program and Head Coach Dean Fedorchuk. Please click here Junior Prospects FAQ Video


Junior Prospects Development Program 2017 

Bantam Program: players currently in Bantam
Midget Program: players currently in Midget

Program Format: 4 days a week (3 weekdays and 1 weekend)

Program Length: 8 Weeks March 13 – May 7, 2017

Program is limited to the following for both Bantam and Midget Program:

  • Forwards: 16
  • Defensemen: 10
  • Goalies: 4

Location: Father David Bauer Arena and the nearby Absolute Sports Academy Facilities

The Absolute Hockey Academy program will be conducted at the Bauer-Bush Arenas and the nearby Absolute Sports Academy Facilities. We will offer an 8 week program to prepare you to take your game to the next level. Bantam & Midget players will have the opportunity to train and interact in a positive environment with workshops on personal goal-setting to improve physically and psychologically, and encourage you to take your game to the next level.

Our goal is to provide the Participants and their families with the program and guidance to enhance their future opportunities at the Junior Level. In addition, with the scheduled timing of the program, we aim to immediately prepare these players for the upcoming camps and tryouts in April and May.

The Players will participate in a program that provides a Global Hockey Experience with all the attributes of an NHL Development Camp, and the attention to detail of European Professional Training Camp. Our Directors have the latest innovations in specific fields, as well as life experiences to share with our participants.

We will typically Train 4 days as week (3 weekdays and 1 weekend). The program will commence in mid-March and end the first week in May. You can expect approximately 32 sessions of ice training during this time period. Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended to attend at least 3 days a week of the program.

Head Coach Dean Fedorchuk: 20 year professional career as player, coach, and management. Career background includes:

  • 2 Seasons Assistant Coach in KHL (Kontinental Hockey League, Europe)
  • 2 Seasons European Pro Scout Winnipeg Jets
  • 4 Seasons Elite League Coaching Sweden, German, & Denmark
  • 14 Years Professional Player
  • NCAA All American & Hobey Baker Finalist (1994)
  • 23 Years of Hockey Camps & Programs

GUEST INSTRUCTORS: The Program will offer Professional Guest Instructors who will provide discussion groups, instruction, and workshops throughout the program.

PROGRAM FEATURES: We will conduct our Training and Workshops immediately before or after the Ice Sessions. Ice time is typically 1 hour and 15 minutes.

On-Ice Sessions:
To prepare the athletes for their upcoming tryouts and evaluation camps at the Junior Level. We will practice 4 times a week for a total of approx 32 Practice sessions. We will focus on preparing the players to stand out at camp, and become a Noticeable Player. They will participate in a variety of drills they may expect from higher level coaching. A major focus will be to create confidence to compete and battle at the Junior Level. The ice sessions will include weekly scrimmage situations for 20-30 minutes.

Play Fast: big focus will be to play fast. This does not mean skating drills, rather the philosophy to play at a faster rate for the next level of hockey.

  • Skating Mechanics: evaluation of your individual stride
  • Stop & Start Hockey: the ability to react quickly during the 30 second shift
  • Angles on the Ice: play more efficient and always in optimal positioning
  • Decisions with the Puck: movement of the puck is faster than any player

Play Physical and Battle in the Tough Areas of the Ice: This does not mean the stereotype hit all that moves. Rather it is the confidence and ability for all players of all sizes, styles of play, and skill levels to engage in physical play.

  • Learn to play with effective body positions in tough areas along the walls, in the corners, at front of the net
  • Offensive & Defensive Situations for all Positions
  • Learn to Protect Yourself: in all situations that may arise

Goalies: Major focus on positional play and rebound control. We will focus on the following areas of play:

  • First Save Responsibility
  • Rebound Control
  • Tracking Pucks & Positioning
  • Playing the puck in a variety of situations.

Fitness Training Sessions: The program will be produced, supervised, and evaluated for hockey related strength & speed Training, & overall conditioning. This will not be a high tech – fancy workout, this will be hard core – age consistent – body weight resistant ready to grind training. Be prepared to flip tires, battle ropes, push & pull cables, and create body armour for injury prevention. Strength Testing & Challenges will be conducted every 2-3 weeks throughout the Program.

Workshops & Discussion Sessions:
There will be a variety of formats and areas of discussion in our sessions. Examples include:

  • Goal Setting Workshops
  • Visualization and Mental preparation
  • Expectations at the Next level
  • Decision making in the Future
  • Being noticed at camps or tryouts
  • Respect and poise on & off the ice.

Video Analysis & Breakdown: NHL quality – breakdown of Situations to prepare for camp of what coaches are looking for as they identify players

Scouting Reports & Recommendations: NHL quality reports written for each player, that will be provided to each player for their own improvement. In addition an ALCAN Prospect Book will be produced outlining a positive scouting report for each player that will be provided to every team in the WHL, AJHL, BCHL, NCAA Division I & III.

Nutrition & Food: fruits, veggies, yogurt, and other supplemental products will be served at every training session.

How Many Participants in the Program?: the program is limited to the following for both Bantam and Midget

  • Forwards:16
  • Defensemen:10
  • Goalies: 4

If a second session is warranted, further times and dates will be announced.

How much will it cost? The cost of the program is $2250 plus GST. A $750 Deposit can be made with remaining payments due February 1 and March 1.

Week 1 will be an orientation to the program and an evaluation period for the participants. At this time the participants will receive their workout programs and schedules for the remaining weeks.

Ice Time and Facilities at Bauer and Bush Arena, Absolute Sports Academy Facilities and other centrally located facilities, more details to be announced.