Goalie Program




Train: 2 days a week  After School Program


Session 2:
Week of October 31, 2016 to Week of December 15, 2016

Schedule:  7 Weeks – 14 Sessions
Tues & Weds 3:45 – 4:45 pm at Vivo Ice Arena
Mon & Friday 3:45 – 4:45 pm at Father David Bauer Arena/Henry Viney Arena

Mix & Match Dates to match your family schedule

Program is limited to the following for Novice, Atom & Pee Wee: 

  • Camp Maximum: 32 Players
  • Camp Maximum: 12 Goalies

Format: 8 Groups of 4 Skaters – Separated by Age Group.

  • (8) Nets will be on the Ice
  • Players will participate with their age group & skill level on a separate zone of the ice

Cost: $400 +GST

Goalie Training Focus Areas:

Goalie Group can be up to 12 Goalies aged between 7 – 14, as we always want to have fresh goalies that can compete, rather than goalies who are tired out and less than 100%.
Each Session Goalies will have Hundreds of shots and goalie reps each session on plays in the most dangerous area of the Ice: 10 feet from the Goal.
Goalies will have the inside information on how players are being taught to score in today’s game.
This program will emphasize the following techniques to maximize potential in each skill:
  • Rebound Control & Play off Rebounds
  • First Save Positioning
  • Tracking the Puck afer Save
  • Playing with Traffic at the Net
  • Crease movement for shots of pass
  • Breakaway and 1 on 1 situations