Goal Scoring & Offensive Skills



 Goal Scoring & Offensive Skills

Train: 2 days a week  After School Program

Session 3:
Week of January 10th, 2017 to Week of January 21st, 2017

Schedule:  7 Weeks – 14 Sessions
Tues & Weds 3:45 – 4:45 pm at Vivo Ice Arena

Mix & Match Dates with Power Skating to match your family schedule

Program is limited to the following for Novice, Atom & Pee Wee: 

  • Camp Maximum: 32 Players
  • Camp Maximum: 12 Goalies

Format: 8 Groups of 4 Skaters – Separated by Age Group.

  • (8) Nets will be on the Ice
  • Players will participate with their age group & skill level on a separate zone of the ice

Cost: $400 (+GST)

Goal Scoring & Offensive Play Focus Areas:

This program will emphasize the Individual Skills for Goal Scoring and Offensive Play. We will focus on the proper techniques to maximize potential in each skill. This camp is designed to develop the necessary tools to increase goal scoring:

  • Shooting Angles
  • Shot Selection
  • On Ice Positioning
  • Offensive Anticipation
  • One Timing the Puck
  • Rebounds and Deflections
  • Training techniques for the off season
  • Training techniques during the season
  • Players will participate with their age group & skills level on a separate zone of the ice.


Head Coach Dean Fedorchuk – Global Hockey Experience
Dean has spent the past 2 seasons coaching in the KHL, the top league in Europe and Asia. Prior to that he was the European Pro Scout for the Winnipeg Jets, and viewed over 1000 games to increase his hockey knowledge. After 21 years of pro hockey, with 1 of his 3 children entering High School, a late summer decision was made to move back to Canada for the winter months. With a brother in Okotoks, another in Calgary, and many friends and former teammates nearby, Alberta seemed like a great choice. Needing a break from the intensity and commitment of a pro schedule, Dean will offer his services for a variety of camps and programs focused on development of youth players, and this program will be offered in Calgary and surrounding area during the winter months.

How many years has the program worked with Youth Players?
Since 1993 Dean has been operating ALCAN Hockey, and through his hockey journey has traveled the world from Canada to Alaska to Russia to Sweden and the rest of Europe. Dean has trained with a variety of players from specialized training with NHL level players, to kids camps for youth players, always adapting his many years’ experience to the new evolution of hockey.

Goal Scoring Program – Why a specific program?
Studying Goal scoring is a passion, and Dean has spent over 20 years covering this specific area. This passion started in the days of college hockey where the technology was to hook up two separate VCRS to make videos. After 2 years in the Top 10 of NCAA scoring, Dean led to all NCAA scorers in his final season, becoming an All American and Hobey Baker- Player of the Year Finalist. This success led to a successful Professional career, and a lifetime progression of learning and studying goal scoring, and adapting as the game of hockey, and the art of goal scoring has evolved.

Scoring Goals is for Natural Goal Scorers!
This opinion could not be further from the truth. Goal scoring is a based on angles, positioning, anticipation, willingness to battle, ability to shoot off the pass, and quick stick progressions. These items are built on repetitions with guidance, and a learning foundation to make these skills a habit at an early age, and continuation to build off those good habits. Many of these attributes are best suited for learning with on the ice reps that can be learned and conducted in a small area of the ice.

Age Groups – how does this work on the Ice?
The Goal Scoring program is offered for several age groups during the same session. 4 Players of the similar age and skill will work together in their own group. We have an innovative use of the ice with 8 nets, one for each group. The Coaches will provide instruction, examples, and theories with all the players, and then the groups will be dispersed to their nets and areas to begin their reps with every player participating. There are NO LINES & NO WAITING, it is continuous reps with Coaches progressing from group to group offering guidance to individual players or the small group. With this amount of action, it is the reason we want at least 12 goalies, as we want them fresh and ready to challenge for all shots and rebound control.

Goalies – How do they fit into the Program?
The goalies have an unreal program for two reasons. First, they get the insider trading on what the players are being taught in order to score more goals. Secondly, they will be better prepared to eliminate and control rebounds with a large number of shots from various situations during the 2 daily sessions.


“…has transitioned into Minnesota hockey better than anyone expected. Your coaching starting when he was six at and he has developed into a player that is well respected by his peers and his coaches. He continues to score goals and has more assists than yearís past. Thank you for all your positive influence and we will always be grateful.” – Blaine, Minnesota

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful experience my son had at Camp. He went from a youngster scared to go to camp for the very first time to someone who really wants to go to hockey camp again. Iím still amazed at how well you kept the kids focused all day every day! Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!!” – Healy, Alaska

“Hockey was amazing. We lost some our players to an older team which left a gap that he filled nicely. He was the leading scorer on his team with many goals and assists. He was #11 in the entire state for his age group. It was by far his best season yet. He was leaps and bounds ahead of the other boys at the start of the season both on the ice and off, thanks again for all your help.” – Fairbanks, Alaska